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05 May 2021

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  • 07 May 2021
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    Some really helpful tips

    Go to Section F of the EHCP. This tells you and the school (or nursery or college etc) should be providing for your child.

    If you have Individual Educational Plans, or Support Plans, read these to see how they match up. If you don't have them, ask school what they use and ask for a copy to see how they match up. Also compare Section F to what you generally know (e.g. from things your child or the school have told you)

    Then talk to the class teacher and/or the SENCO to ask about how they're delivering Section F.

    If things are being delivered... Great!

    If not, you can ask what will happen to get them in place. An EHCP is like a contract with the school, so schools do need to provide what the Section F says.

    To help you with this, local organisations called SEND Information Advice and Support Services may be able to give extra tips. To find them, google "<Your council name? SEND Information Advice Support" These services are not managed by local councils so they have a level of independence (even if some of their funding may come from the council).

    Extra Info about Section F can be found here:

    The same approach applies to checking that health or social care provision is being delivered. It's just that you might need to speak to different people about this (e.g. Speech and Language therapist or a respite care service). You'll find the provision for health and social care in Section H of the EHCP.

    Sometimes Section F is out of date (e.g. saying a child needs a PECs approach to communication when they've made so much progress they don't need PECs anymore). If so, you'll want to be pragmatic and not insist that the school do something that no longer helps the child. Instead, point it out to the school and ask that it's updated at an EHCP Annual Review meeting.

    If you've done these things and still feel like it's not being delivered there are other avenues (e.g. asking for an extra annual review and asking for all professionals involved to attend) or possible legal avenues, but I'll leave that advice to others on here who are more experienced in the law to answer.

    Good luck! And remember, it's not always hard work. Often, things can be resolved over a friendly coffee and chat with someone from school.

    Aaron King

    Aaron King
    9000 Lives SEND Consultancy