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Founded by lawyers for parents and professionals to give knowledge and support. 

Our Vision
A world where access to education through the legal system for SEND Kids is pain free.

Our Mission

We help SEND families navigate the system to access their child's right to an education and to save precious time.

We use tech to bring transparency and access to justice. We put SEND families 'in the know'.


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OUR BACKERS: WCIT charity (Worshipful Company of Information Technologists) and the Philip King Trust 


The system that was set up to support and guide the educational needs of SEND children is broken. Although COVID made the situation worse, even outside of COVID, for decades this system was not fit for purpose. SEND families want to SELF-SERVE and the system makes this too hard.


"Navigating the SEND system should not be a bureaucratic nightmare, difficult to navigate and requiring significant levels of legal knowledge and personal resilience".
House of Commons Education Committee, October 2019

HOW and who WILL WE HELP? 

We will:

  • enable SEND families to self-serve information they need;
  • use technology to bring transparency to and evidence the problem;
  • blend the voices of the professionals, especially the lawyers and the experts-by-experience; and
  • amplify, aggregate and escalate existing voices in this space

And put SEND families in the know.


STEP 1 - This platform

Collating and curating free, dynamic, accessible, searchable data that can be contributed to by families and professionals. Providing a webinar and video content space to hold informative events and other easily accessible video content.

STEP 2 - Coming

Designing and digitalizing an improved EHCP process.
Free Checklists


Creating lasting change.

Supporting activists, lawyers, policy makers and local authorities with data to effect change
Empowering SEND families to help themselves through data and transparency.


Our financial funding currently comes from individuals supporting us through Go Fund Me, Crowd Justice and Just Giving and from grant making trusts.

Our legal community backing comes from a number of large law firms providing skills and expertise to us "pro-bono": Reed Smith, Sherman & Sterling.

Our charity pro-bono lawyers: Morgan Lewis

Our SEND lawyer support: David Wolfe QC, Leon Glenister, Shoosmiths, Boyes Turner

Our tech support is from our partners at SenateSense, Bryter Open and Kira Systems

Our PR support is pro-bono from Farrer Kane.

Our HR support is pro-bono from Shearman & Sterling

Our Accountants: All Square

Our Marketing: Spark Plug Marketing 


If you want to support us pro-bono please email:

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meet the SSK team

Janvi Patel (Co-Founder / CEO)

Rachel Amos (Co-founder / COO)

Denise Nurse (Co-founder)

OUR FOUNDERS: watch the founder video and watch Denise explain onstage at Legal Geek (October 2021).

Tamsin Ogilvie (UX strategy & design, SenateSenate)

Lorna Clayton (HR and Talent)

Catie Sheret (Content and Community Manager)

Liz Chappell (Content and Community Manager) 

Sandeep (Community and Social Media)

Farrah Owens (Fundraising)

Our RUles

Be polite. Be yourself but protect your and other people's personal data. Don't make it personal.

Be useful, be helpful, be accurate and be kind.

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Thank you.


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