Is there a difference between a SENCO, SENDCo and Inclusion Manager? 


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31 Aug 2021

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  • 01 Sep 2021
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    SENDCo and SENCo are just two names for the same thing.

    SEN became more commonly referred to as SEND in 2014. The D stands for disabilities. Schools often use SEN and SEND interchangeably. Education tends to be relaxed about which is used. SEND is more accurate, but SEN is very widely understood too.

    So, whether your school has a SENCo or SENDCo, can be down to something as simple as whether the head teacher has ever updated the job title in the job description to add the D.

    Many heads don’t see this as especially important as they’d have lots of other jobs that make a much bigger difference to pupil’s lives.

    The job of Inclusion Manager can refer to a wide range of roles.

    Some Inclusion Managers are qualified SENDCos and being the SENDCo is part of the role. However, the Inclusion Manager also has other responsibilities that are a wider part of inclusion. For example, they may be responsible for children in the school who are in care, or who speak English as an additional language (EAL).

    Some Inclusion Managers are not teachers, and are not the SENDCo. Their jobs are often focused on the well-being of pupils. Sometimes they are managed by the SENDCo, often they are not. They might support behaviour in school or might have a key role in parent support. What their role entails is often chosen by the school, depending on the school’s priorities.

    Aaron King

    Aaron King
    9000 Lives SEND Consultancy