Can children grow out of ADHD?

Rachel Amos

Rachel Amos
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19 Oct 2021
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  • 18 Nov 2021
  • No


    As Aaron has explained, not all children will grow out of ADHD. Some children grow out of the symptoms, some learn coping skills which can reduce the impact of ADHD, but some continue to struggle in adulthood. The NHS website breaks down symptoms for: children, teens, adults NHS: symptoms of ADHD. The NHS  says there is a lack of research into adult ADHD but sites: "By the age of 25, an estimated 15% of people diagnosed with ADHD as children still have a full range of symptoms, and 65% still have some symptoms that affect their daily lives.

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  • 19 Oct 2021
  • Yes


    Yes.  But lots of children don’t grow out of it. 


    This is a bit of a hot topic and we don't have a precise answer.  For example:

     So, our health service isn't quite certain yet. 


    Be careful reading articles with headlines like "MYTH: Children grow out of ADHD." The evidence in these articles doesn't normally support the stark headline. Read the full article because these articles often include research that says that as many as 50% do grow out of it. 


    In future, perhaps medics will find a way to the question conclusively.


    But, if you don't want to wait 25 years for an answer, the answer is that some children don't present with ADHD as adults, but we don’t know exactly how many.

    Aaron King

    Aaron King
    9000 Lives SEND Consultancy

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