Can I set up my own fundraising activities to help Support SEND Kids?

Sandeep Bhagwan

Sandeep Bhagwan
14 Dec 2021

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  • 14 Dec 2021
  • Yes


    Yes please! As a charity we rely on generous donations to run Support SEND Kids and there are lots of ways you can support us.

    You can donate directly via our Facebook page - where we receive 100% of your donation: Donate through Facebook 

    You can create your own fundraiser on Facebook - click this link (you'll need to be logged in to your Facebook account) and ask your friends and families for donations - perhaps for your birthday, or if you fancy taking on a challenge, like a 10k run, for example: My own Facebook fundraise for Support SEND Kids

    You can make us your charity of choice when you shop through Amazon Smile so that every time you buy from Amazon, we'll receive a donation: Amazon Smile

    You can also make a straight donation via our Crowd Justice.

    And please help us to tell more people about the great work of SSK by following us on social media, and sharing the above links in your posts and stories.

    We're very grateful for your support.

    Team SSK

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    Farrah Owens
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