My son is being pushed to attend a residential day educational school an hour away from our house. He had an EHCP review on 10th June where his current SEN school will say they can’t meet needs. My question is if he moves to this school an hour away how can I keep his current taxi provider? He has a really good relationship with them for 7 years and I don’t want to loose them as it will cause extreme anxieties with my son. Can I add that we need to keep his current transport into the ehcp document? If so how can I word it? Thank you


Emma Davies
29 May 2022
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  • 14 Jun 2022
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    Transport is not usually included in an EHC plan and moreover a specific person or company cannot be named in the plan. I would speak with the transport department in the first instance as well as collating information from his current school (if they are willing to do so) on the usefulness of the current driver. 

    Guv Samra

    Guv Samra