A friend's child with complex needs and severe autism has been allocated a wholly unsuitable secondary school by the LEA. His teachers and all assessments to date support that he needs a specialist school. The parents have appealed to tribunal and now being supported by lawyers who have told them they need to obtain statements from 3 expert witnesses (an educational psychologist, an occupational therapist and a Speech and language therapist), which comes at significant cost and also means the hearing will need to be delayed (it is already not until October). This could mean having to homeschool him, with parents taking extended leave from work.

Is this correct? What are the risks of not getting that kind of expert support?
Are there good sources of support available on an urgent basis?

Are there any options for alternative provision/support to be provided pending tribunal outcome?

Catie Sheret

Catie Sheret
25 Aug 2022
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  • 25 Aug 2022
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    expert evidence will be required for a tribunal unless there is another form of evidence such as school records etc. If you do not have supporting evidence this may reduce your chances of success. Experts do often have to be booked in advance but it is worth checking availability. In relation to alternative provision, this can be sought whilst the appeal is ongoing as compulsory education does need to be provided

    Guv Samra

    Guv Samra

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