Is it true a child could be assessed quicker by CAMHS by applying for an EHC needs assessment, rather than joining the CAMHS general waiting list?

We hear of parents, who believe their child is SEND, waiting many months to get their child's mental health assessed by CAMHs. Because the EHCNA (EHC needs assessment) has a legal time limit, if an LA agreed to a needs assessment, then is it possible/likely the child could be seen sooner than on the general waiting list.


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11 Mar 2023

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  • 15 Mar 2023
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    Possibly. r6 Regs2014 states that as part of an EHC needs assessment an LA must obtain certain advice including:

    ‘medical advice and information from a health care professional identified by the responsible commissioning body’

    This is in addition to:

    ‘advice and information from any person the child’s parent or young person reasonably requests that the local authority seek advice from’

    Which could include information from CAMHS following a reasonably argued request to the LA from a child’s parent or young person.


    Sean Kennedy

    Sean Kennedy
    Talem Law