Can I ask questions about the LA's response to our EHCP appeal without being in contempt of court?

I wasn't sure if it is legally permitted to ask a question on here that reveals the LAs position.


Ben N
05 Jan 2024

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  • 07 Jan 2024
  • Yes


    Ben N,

    In my view, it would not be considered appropriate to provide specific legal advice on this platform. However, offering more general guidance is entirely acceptable.

    With this in mind, if you were to pose broader questions regarding Special Educational Needs (SEN) Law or Tribunal procedures that are applicable to many appeals and could be of assistance to you, that would be perfectly satisfactory. If this norm is not adhered to, I would anticipate that the question may not receive a response or may even be deleted.

    I would strongly advise refraining from divulging identifying details, such as the names of individuals or schools. It almost goes without saying that the name of the relevant Local Authority should not be used. Your decision to withhold your full name, thus maintaining anonymity, is also advantageous.

    I assume that you are a parent who has submitted an appeal to the FtT. In the absence of legal representation, it is entirely reasonable for you to seek reasonable general assistance, which one would presume would contribute to the effective conduct of the ongoing procedure.

    I trust you find this information helpful.

    Sean Kennedy

    Sean Kennedy
    Talem Law