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  • Do hours need to be specified
    Samantha Newell
    Nudge Education

    25 May 2023

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  • ehcp delays mean that by the time my sons ehcp is completed there will be no special school places available. Is there a way I can prevent this?

    Our son will be 5 in October and has complex drug resistant epilepsy with epileptic encepathopathy, GDD and ASD. His nursery has been amazing but has had very little support and guidance, he has 1:1 at nursery and extra funding.

    He can have up to 100 seizures a day, these can be extremely violent and throw him forward often causing head and facial injuries, he has very limited communication and cannot communicate his wants or needs, he is still in nappies, he has no awareness of danger, he will put anything and everything in his mouth. mainstream would be unsafe for both him and everyone else.

    We are on week 16 of the ehcp and my son has just been allocated an educational psychologist.
    The LA has a shortage of EPs and have said his outcomes meeting will be on the week beginning the 29th of may. (although they did say this would be brought forward once ep had done her report)

    Our 2 nearest schools between them have about 20 places. I'm worried that the ehcp will be too late and he will not have a place. He's an October baby so I can defer him for a term but only if the nursery has space for him.

    Is there any way to speed up the LA or somehow have them hold a school space? They have reports from SALT, OT, neurodiability, PNI teachers, GOSH etc etc seems silly to wait for one report when they already know he will need a place at a special school.
    What happens if they don't complete the ehcp within the 20 week timescale?

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  • Can LA and college make secret deals about funding post 18 education?

    My son is 20 and making great progress at college, EHCP outcomes still to be acheived, he enjoys going to college, college enjoy him and the transport is fine, so I thought everything could stay the same for another year.

    However, Herts cc and Bucks college tell me they have made a deal over only funding one year of education.

    I thought education was based on progress and basing it on funding was unlawful.

    Am I right?

    Jenny Young

    01 Apr 2023

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  • My son's nursery have refused to submit an EHCP. Is this allowed?

    My son's preschool will not apply for an EHCP because he is 'hitting his milestones'. This does not feel right to me. I have asked them to reconsider based on his diagnosis of ASC but they have declined. Is there anything I can do?

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  • Can sen school refuse place because they are full?

    School have said can meet needs but non spaces. We are on waiting list and dont know when space will become available.

    H Z

    18 Mar 2023

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  • Is it true a child could be assessed quicker by CAMHS by applying for an EHC needs assessment, rather than joining the CAMHS general waiting list?

    We hear of parents, who believe their child is SEND, waiting many months to get their child's mental health assessed by CAMHs. Because the EHCNA (EHC needs assessment) has a legal time limit, if an LA agreed to a needs assessment, then is it possible/likely the child could be seen sooner than on the general waiting list.

    SEND Kids
    Support SEND Kids

    11 Mar 2023

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  • I am moving local authorities (Havering to Surrey) but am due to go to tribunal beginning of May on a refusal to issue. We now have got our address in ...

    ... Surrey but are continuing to maintain our house in Havering whilst we pursue the EHCP. I am concerned about transferring our case over to Surrey at this late stage in proceedings.
    If I do, can Surrey apply to change the tribunal dates, apply for extra time to gather new evidence or in any other way delay the process, i.e. could they argue that they need to conduct their own assessments and extend the process?
    I am also considering having a WP discussion with the head of the LA to request if she will consider issuing an EHCP with EOTAS. This is due to the fact that I know one of the reasons she agreed to my younger son’s EHCP was on the assumption that we would be leaving Havering and no longer be a financial burden to her. I could explain to her that we have not gone back on our word but that we would like to complete the EHCP process before we sell our house in Havering.
    Finally, if Havering agree to issue before tribunal, could Surrey then seek to amend the provision contained in the EHCP (I will be requesting EOTAS with a view to a SEN provision in the future) when I transfer it? Thank you for taking the time to read these questions - any input would be most gratefully received.

    Suzanne A

    31 Jan 2023

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  • My son is being pushed to attend a residential day educational school an hour away from our house. He had an EHCP review on 10th June where his ...

    ... current SEN school will say they can’t meet needs. My question is if he moves to this school an hour away how can I keep his current taxi provider? He has a really good relationship with them for 7 years and I don’t want to loose them as it will cause extreme anxieties with my son. Can I add that we need to keep his current transport into the ehcp document? If so how can I word it? Thank you