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25 Mar 2021

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    (H1/H2) Social Care provision
    No identified social care provision for this outcome

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    Section H1
    Awaiting outcome of CYLDS assessment

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    Section H1:
    Social Wellbeing Provision
    [On the EHCP form Section E outcomes are listed beside the Section H provision.]

    [child] has an allocated Social Worker and a Child in Need (CIN) plan
    For [child] to be supported to access health services and attend all appointments.
    For [child] to have weekly swimming sessions at school.
    [child] attends [name] School, as a weekly border where his special educational needs are being met. This is to be reviewed at his annual review each year.
    For [child] to work on putting his trousers on independently. For staff to prompt him and work on this target at school and in the residential setting.
    For [child] to work towards sending an email to his parents on the iPad.
    [child] gets 3 hours of Direct Payment support per week. This has been agreed to be able to be accumulated and used in the holidays.
    For [child] to be taken to RAP to review his support package.
    For [child] to write and read his 'news book' at school daily. For [mother] to send these in.
    For staff to encourage [child] to read in his leisure time.
    For [child] to ask an identified student at school to help him in a task
    For [child] to read instructions and follow them (to increase his reading ability and comprehension).
    For school to send the OCN words home that [child] is practising at school so that [father] and [mother] can practise them with him at home.

    > Amount and frequency of input:
    For the CIN worker to visit [child] every 6 months and to keep in contact with the family every 3 months.
    For [child] to be taken to RAP every 6 months.
    For [child] to have a CIN meeting every 6 months.

    > Who is responsible:
    Social Care working with family, education and health as appropriate.