Can an EHCP assessment start before my child starts school?

Liz Chappell

Liz Chappell
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01 Mar 2022

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  • 01 Mar 2022
  • Yes


    For young children EHCPs can look ahead. So, if a child has complex needs, they can still be assessed at a young age.


    If a child is in nursery, this can be helpful as there’ll be extra information about, for example, how the child gets on around other children (which can be hard to assess in homes where there aren’t other children around).


    But, if a child is not in a nursery or child care, local SEND teams can (and do) assess children before they start school, especially when the child’s needs are very severe (e.g. the child is completely deaf).


    It’s most clear-cut when children have the most complex needs. That’s because many children who have less severe needs start at school and thrive with extra help from school and specialist support services. When a child has the most complex needs, even with a great school and great support from services, they're still likely to need an EHCP.

    Aaron King

    Aaron King
    9000 Lives SEND Consultancy