Someone in my community has a child in reception with complex social issues and potentially ASD. She is classified as non-verbal although she does have some verbal communication now. Her school have been clear since September that they can't support her. Her mother has applied to 14 specialist schools, none of which are prepared to accept her unless she has some intervention which results in her presenting differently. She has a meeting with Lambeth on the 30th January to try and resolve things but understandably has low confidence in a successful outcome. She has been told that she can bring an expert with her to the meeting, who could she ask who would understand the process well enough and doesn't need to be paid? Are there charities who could offer support in this way?

Emily Foges

Emily Foges
Support SEND Kids
17 Jan 2023
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    Emily - I dont wish to sound critical or unhelpful but what is happening to this child in terms of complying and applying with the relevant legal framework - as detailed in the Noddy Guide? If this exercise is carried out, would the parents be in a better position to determine how best to move forward? 

    Sean Kennedy

    Sean Kennedy
    Talem Law

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