Can you suggest what Section E (Outcomes) should include?

Many parents, when presented with their draft EHCP, are unsure whether the Outcomes in Section E are 'good enough'. What should or shouldn't be included. What does a 'good' Section E look like. Parents only have 15 days in which to respond to the Local Authority. Guidance from our community would be much appreciated.


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19 Mar 2023

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  • 19 Mar 2023
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    Section E contains the Outcomes we want for the pupil. For example:

    By the end of Y2, Sam will accurately make all speech sounds, including:

    • All 24 consonant sounds
    • All 20 vowel sounds

    This is so that he can communicate effectively with friends.


    By the end of Y9, Sam will add and take-away numbers up to 500, including in real-life situations. This is to help him manage money as an adult.



    1. Reflect Prime Need: Outcomes should reflect your child's SEND. So, if a child is autistic, you’d expect their outcomes to be skewed towards social skills, language etc.
    2. English & Maths: Regardless of your child's prime needs, there'll be one or two outcomes about English & maths. That's pretty standard.
    3. Specific: They should say what the pupil will be able to do. Words like develop and improve are vague and should be avoided.
    4. Number of Outcomes: Up to 5. Admittedly, there’s nothing in the Code of Practice about how many outcomes there should be, but teachers can’t turn 9 outcomes into a focused termly SEN Plan – there’s just too much info.
    5. Timescale: We’re normally aiming to achieve them by the end of the key stage (e.g. the end of Y2, Y6, Y9, Y11 or Y13).
    6. Benefit statement: Some councils add a benefit statement saying why the outcome is important. A benefit statement says why an outcome is important. For example “This is so that he can turn take in adult conversations.” Or “This is so she can manage her own money as an adult.” That said, they don't usually make much difference, so if you are asking for changes, focus on the stuff that's not the benefit statement.
    Aaron King

    Aaron King
    9000 Lives SEND Consultancy