We have Special School LA maintained named in section I, nearly all schools we have come back and said they cant meet need. Our preference school did a home assesment and advised they wont enrol this year as feel he is not ready, my son is 6. I dont know what to do next, thank you.

Son has a diagnosis of ASD Significant soeech delay Sensory Processing disorder and double incontinence.


Gemma T
20 Mar 2023
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  • 20 Mar 2023
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    To resolve issues over (amongst other things) schooling, and if they have the right to do so, a parent or young person can appeal to the FTT. An introduction to starting the appeal process can be found here:


    The Noddy guide provides a comprehensive account of the process followed.

    With regards the issues to be determined, the FTT stands in place of the LA. 

    I would be very interested to read the contributions of others. 


    Sean Kennedy

    Sean Kennedy
    Talem Law

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