If a court instructs you to submit evidence by a certain time on a specific day. Is it best to wait and submit to all parties earlier or to wait and submit nearer to the submission time?


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17 Jul 2023
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  • 17 Jul 2023
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    Can't answer yes or no.:

    When it comes to submitting evidence, it's important to understand that the given deadline is the latest date and time by which you need to gather and send the evidence to the Tribunal and the other party. If you happen to have the evidence ready before the deadline, it should really be filed and served (or exchanged).

    Whether this is doable depends on the individual circumstances that affect each party's compliance.  I suggest that the most important thing to  remember is that deadlines should be adhered to whenever possible. If you can't meet a deadline, there should be a valid reason for it.

    I hope this explanation has been helpful, and I'm looking forward to reading any contributions others may have.

    Sean Kennedy

    Sean Kennedy
    Talem Law