Can a parent be special educational provision

My child has been experiencing EBSA since early 2022.

The Educational Psychologist report states that my child is experiencing separation anxiety. The report states that my child was able to access education in a 1:1 low arousal setting with a trusted adult and mum there with her. During the APDR cycles, the EP and school tried to support my child's separation anxiety, however this proved unsuccessful and the trauma led to my child refusing completely to engage with school.

The EP states that strategies need to be offered to support separation anxiety and that there needs to be close liason between home and school, with supported visits to the setting with mum.

Does this suggest that the parent (mum) is a special educational need, and if so, what is the relevance of this? Can this support EOTAS? If the parent voluntary agrees to be the person "key worker", can they be the one to support the child with accessing section F, so for example a provision is that child have a choice of 2 activities per week, linked to strengths and interests, to engage in social communication and interaction, with 1:1 support who is attuned to the child and understands their behaviour; can this be the parent?


Michelle Wood
16 Aug 2023

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