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  • I received my son's EHCP complete with an EOTAS package yesterday from our borough. They are now working on the DP part of it as we have a personal budget. However (now that I've got this legal document in place) we are moving our son to another borough (we already have a residence here there). Should I tell the issuing borough this already, before they set up all the PB details or inform my new borough straight away?

    We were in the middle of an EHCP application when we had to move boroughs for my other child (child A) to attend a SEN school. Rather than stop the process (we were due to go to tribunal but thankfully the LA asked us to reconsider and we were able to work out a great eotas package), we maintained our property in the old borough and essentially split the family so that one parent was with child A in the new borough for his school and one parent was with child B in the old borough whilst we worked on finalising his EHCP.
    Yesterday we finally received the completed EHCP with advise that the DP team will be in touch so we can start putting section F into effect.
    My question is - Do I tell the issuing borough not to go ahead with setting up the DP as we are moving child B to be with the rest of the family in the new borough?
    Or does that look suspicious; should I let them go ahead and set it up and then inform our new borough of the move?
    Also, I am aware it will take time to get the DP set up in the new borough and that they might even choose to question the EOTAS package. I would ideally like to start using some of the location non-specific funds e.g. resources and subscriptions asap as opposed to tutors and clubs. I have already spent two years fighting for this and time is of the essence now to get my son the support he needs.
    Any advice or input would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks for your support.

    Suzanne A

    06 Jun 2023