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I am a Partner at Rook Irwin Sweeney LLP, specialising in public law and human rights, but with a particular emphasis on disability rights. This includes education law, mental capacity, EHCPs, appeals to the First Tier Tribunal, and community care law. My profile can be found here -

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  • We have EOTAS following tribunal, with provision specified in section F. It is now five weeks since we received the tribunal order and the provision is not in place - ie we haven't received the personal budget. We have received a pb contract, but it doesn't include all the provision in section F. Some of which is really clear (eg 38 weeks instead of 39) and some I think the LA would consider open to interpretation, though seems pretty clear to me. I don't want to sign a contract that isn't correct, but I do need the money ASAP to pay the providers. Is my best option just an official complaint? Is there any wording to quote to potentially speed things up? Thank you

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    24 Aug 2022

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