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  • We are in the final stages of EHCP. We have requested EOTAS (to pay for online school) and a personal budget. The LA have said "County Independent panel have reviewed your request for EOTAS and personal budget to fund Kings Inter High, further information is required before EOTAS can be considered. We will be contacting F...... high school to establish if they are able to support funding Kings Inter High as E. remains on their school roll. We will also be issuing consultations to independent settings to establish suitability; these consultations will be shared with you before they are issued." My question is does the LA pay for EOTAS - why are they asking the school? The LA tried to unroll her from mainstream but we said they could not do this until they have provided alternative provision - and we request EOTAS - were we wrong to do so?

    My daughter is happy at online school. She has tried two mainstream schools and cannot manage. She will not attend school in person and the EP report is fairly conclusive with this regard.

  • Phase transfer - negative consultation mainstream

    Our preferred mainstream has responded to say unsuitable due to aptitude, ability. The reasons they have provided are nothing that can’t be overcome and would be applicable to the school the LA have named too although their school responded to say “may” be able to meet need. What I’m struggling to understand looking at sections 33 & 39 is how parental preference & mainstream school being made suitable doesn’t support our choice for a particular mainstream.

    ER H

    28 Feb 2024

  • EHCP was issued with no school named. Initially mainstream but now agreed mainstream is not appropriate. The LA have consulted for a school place with incorrect diagnosis, stating that my daughter has MLD social and behavioural needs when she is SpLD, intelligent and has no social or behavioural needs. Are they breaking the law in doing this?
    S L

    29 Feb 2024

  • Is it legal for the LA to enrol my child in a school without my knowledge ?

    I am going to tribunal to appeal most of my son’s EHCP including the school named by the LA in section I.

    He was on roll at a primary school till the end of year six but hasn’t attended for four years.

    I’ve just found out by chance (I wasn’t notified of this by the school or the LA), that my son has been put on roll at the school named by the LA.

    My son and I have been very clear that there is no intention or expectation from us that he would be able to attend this school as it can’t meet his needs and is completely unsuitable.

    I’m concerned that the school may be receiving funding whilst my son is receiving no education from the LA.

    Also, I’ve been told that if a child is on roll at a special school (which this school is), the parent had to ask permission if they wish to deregister to EHE.

    Thank you

  • Is there a legal list of what can and cannot be included in an EOTAS package? The LA want to include maths and English tutors which my son can’t engage with due to school trauma. The LA’s EP has said maths and English needs to be embedded within activities.

    I am suggesting activities such as building a remote control vehicle, theatre and museum visits and learning about tractors from an agricultural engineer (rather than a tutor). The EP said subjects should help his future career. He wants to be a farmer. The last time my son accessed a tutor he ripped up the exercise book and ate the pages. It was not because of the tutor (who was patient and listened) but because of the school trauma and the trigger of work he was being asked to do. They are also looking at science tutors. It’s appears to be their section 19 offer rather than based on the EP’s report.

  • Still waiting for EHCP, son not coping in state school

    We started the EHCP process in Feb 23, and we still haven't seen a draft plan. There's been huge breaks between specialist appointments but we've finally spoken to the educational psychologist. We're nearly at 30 weeks since this process started.

    My contact at the council isn't responding to me.

    Can anyone advise who I should be contacting within a council to get an update.

    My son has just started a mainstream school and has become violent and isn't receiving much support as we don't have this plan.

  • Year 10 options

    My son is in year 9 at a mainstream secondary school, however is in a special unit there which they say is a school in between a special school and mainstream. My son is autistic and has speech and language delay. We have been told that for year 10 his options will be level 1 maths and English. I have looked at another school in the area that teaches autistic children and they are offered so much more such as lots of vocational programmes along side there maths and English. Do you think I would be best trying to move him to somewhere that could accommodate him to do that? Would I have a fight on my hands to get the local authority to agree to move him? I am just so worried that he is not being offered more options and the school system is failing him again. Has anyone any positive stories of what their child went on to do?
    Thank you in advance

  • What do I need to say to the EP to get an EHCP?

    Hi there, my daughter is 3.5 years old and has recently been diagnosed with ASD and she is due to start school in September 2024. On 4th January 2024 the EP is coming to assess her at nursery for the EHCP process. I am really worried about this as when (a different) EP came to visit her before they said ‘there are other kids in this position that will not get an EHCP’ - however I (and the nursery SENDCo) don’t see how my daughter will be able to cope or learn anything at school without an EHCP. So basically I’m super worried the EP is going to assess my daughter based on what our local authority can afford rather than provide her the care that she needs.

    I’m sure this is a common question but greatly appreciate any help!

    Matt Riley

    18 Dec 2023

  • What is the best evidence to support a residential placement for further education (19-25?)

    My daughter is 18 and would like to go to university, but this is out of reach as her learning disabilities prevent her from achieving GCSEs let alone A-levels. She is very frustrated and unhappy about being left behind by her peers/ siblings and this causes daily friction at home as she feels - in her own words - 'isolated'. She is very independent in some ways, e.g. having received intensive travel training she navigates London transport easily. However, she is emotionally extremely vulnerable, quite lonely and easily manipulated by anyone who offers friendship. We have already had to step in on two occasions with interventions from CAMHS and her school to prevent this, and can see the seriousness of these incidents escalating as she matures. We are concerned about her safety, her mental health and her ability to progress in education and independence.

    We would like her to attend a residential college so that:
    - she can make friends who are on her level, whilst learning to distinguish between genuine friendship and exploitation in a safe environment
    - she is expected to work full time on practical, vocational skills with the appropriate level of support, repetition and consistency to become truly employable
    - she can learn to manage her own finances, laundry, shopping, cooking through a waking day curriculum
    We see this as an important stepping stone towards independent living, as she can master new skills but only with intensive training and support.

    The local offer would be a part time course within a large mainstream college and she would not be safe there, especially when so much of her week would be unaccounted for while the family is at work and school. There are specialist colleges nearby which would be safer, but only for the 3 days a week that they offer, leaving her at a loose end the rest of the time. In addition, the curriculum at these colleges is very similar to her post-16 'employability' course at her current school, so she wouldn't be progressing much or learning how to work full-time in a practical job, unlike the residential colleges which have indicated that they could meet her needs.

    I have asked CAMHS if they can write a letter to support our argument that a residential placement is necessary but they are reluctant to do so, despite having documented one intervention earlier this year which specifically references her 'friend' persuading her to steal on her behalf. Here is what they said: "I have been advised that we have to leave the Local Authority to make the decision without any input from CAMHS. They have explained that they are responsible for the plans, and we only confuse things by getting involved"

    Surely we need input from experts close to her, and CAMHS are our only port of call here? My only other entry point is a social care referral and I have made a request but it seems to have gone into a black hole with the local authority.

    Emily Foges
    Support SEND Kids

    12 Oct 2023

  • Is this omission on ECHP draft legal? What would you advise as the next step?

    My son’s EHCP draft arrived with an email stating that “I just want to highlight that as an Occupational Report was not requested at NA2, and xxx had been discharged from their service there is not any OT input in the draft. If a new referral for an OT is made for Ethan and subsequently we receive a report this can be added to his EHCP once it is finalised."

    My child (6) has complex needs - a number of different systems involved
    Speech disorder - Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)
    Physical disorder - Fine motor skills difficulties, gross motor skills difficulties, coordination difficulties - Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)
    Social communication difficulties - Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

    Occupation report was requested at NA2 and request was followed up on 4 separate occasions. NHS OT reports from March 2023 and July 2023 are available. Provision recommendation from private therapist who sees him at school was submitted to ECHNA and acknowledged. Community pediatrician report refers to Occupational therapy need, neurologist report refers to occupational therapy need, Educational psychologist report refers to occupational therapy need and meeting with the private occupational therapist. School submission refers to occupational therapy need, intervention provided by private OT and daily OT activities with a TA at school. Section B states DCD and fine motor difficulties. Other sections in ECHP refer to fine motor difficulties but section E and Section F are empty for Sensory and / or physical: maintaining good health, with outcomes listed as “not stated” and also for Independence and preparation for adulthood.

    Where do we stand with this and what should our next be along with notifying that we do not accept the draft?

    Thank you.

    E T

    22 Nov 2023