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  • Can a local authority name a school in section I if the plan is for the child to be educated through 15 hours of online learning, which the LA advise the school must source

    My child is in year 9 and has been out of school for 18 months and now been assessed for EHCP. Ed Psyc report states mainstream school cannot meet her needs and she should be educated at home with at least 15 hours online learning a week. The LA plan is that she should remain on the role of her current school and that school should outsouce the online learning (through top up funding) which will be accessed at home. It is not envisaged that she will actually attend the school at all. Isn't this really EOTAS? Thanks

    S B
    SEN Parent

    22 Mar 2023

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  • We have Special School LA maintained named in section I, nearly all schools we have come back and said they cant meet need. Our preference school did a home assesment and advised they wont enrol this year as feel he is not ready, my son is 6. I dont know what to do next, thank you.

    Son has a diagnosis of ASD Significant soeech delay Sensory Processing disorder and double incontinence.

    Gemma T

    20 Mar 2023

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  • Can you suggest what Section E (Outcomes) should include?

    Many parents, when presented with their draft EHCP, are unsure whether the Outcomes in Section E are 'good enough'. What should or shouldn't be included. What does a 'good' Section E look like. Parents only have 15 days in which to respond to the Local Authority. Guidance from our community would be much appreciated.

    SEND Kids
    Support SEND Kids

    19 Mar 2023

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  • My son's nursery have refused to submit an EHCP. Is this allowed?

    My son's preschool will not apply for an EHCP because he is 'hitting his milestones'. This does not feel right to me. I have asked them to reconsider based on his diagnosis of ASC but they have declined. Is there anything I can do?

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  • Does anyone know how much detail should be included in EHCP Section A? (I am requesting an EHC needs assessment and the local authority has asked us ...

    ... to complete Section A before they take it any further. I don't know if they want a full history, he is a teenager, or if we should focus on the immediate problems.)

    May 230
    SEN family

    23 May 2022

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  • LA has agreed to EOTAS (involving tutoring, educational provision at an equestrian centre, and clinical psychology support). I have asked for ...

    ... transport costs - my car mileage - in taking my 13 year old child to and from these places. She has severe SEMH needs and will not allow anyone else to transport her. Is there law to support me claiming my car mileage; and can this be written into her EHCP? Many thanks.

    Cherry D

    08 Jul 2022

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  • My daughter's EHCP is going through a Phrase Transfer (nursery to Reception) annual review. She is currently repeating nursery at an independent ...

    ... school who are supporting her brilliantly and where we want her to stay for Reception. She has Goldenhar Syndrome which results in a hearing loss and severe speech disorder plus various other things. The upshot is that she needs a full time LSA, SALT and OT provision plus Section F of her current EHCP specifies 'quiet listening conditions with low levels of background noise and reverberation'. The independent school which is our first choice has said they can meet needs conditional on her receiving full time LSA support (current EHCP specifies 30 hrs).

    The LA say they have two state primary schools that can meet needs. Both schools have intakes of 60 children in Reception where all 60 children share the same classroom space. One of the schools has been described as unsuitable by the Teacher of the Deaf. We obtained the offers from each school and actually neither of the offer letters say they can meet all needs, they both say they can meet SOME of her needs but not all. Both also say they would need extra funding from the LA to make changes to the acoustic environment.

    Are we now in a position where the LA do not have a suitable alternative school that can meet needs so they must place her at the independent school that we want and pay for the full package (including fees)? Does 'meeting needs' mean 'meeting all needs' or is there a grey area?

    Christine Long

    29 Dec 2022

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  • We have been asked... Can a Local Authority name a school on an EHCP without the agreement of the child’s parents, and ignore the parent’s ...

    ... requested school completely? The LA is claiming the family will have to go to appeal to secure their preferred school.

    To provide some additional context, the parent has provided the LA with a list of schools they wish for the LA to consult with. It is not clear what type/s of school the parent has listed.

    The LA have responded to say they will be listing their own schools for consultation. It is not clear if this is in addition to or instead of the schools the parent listed. The LA re relying on paragraph 9.84 of the SEND COP, which concerns non-maintained / independent education providers.

    The parent has been told by the LA:
    1. You have the right to list the schools that you want for the consultation process
    2. During this consultation process of 15 days, we are going to consult our schools in the borough which are not the ones you have listed because of paragraph 9.84
    3. If our schools say yes to accepting your child or there are no spaces, we can go over the limit from 15 to 17, or even if it’s not the best school for your child as long as the setting can meet your child’s needs we will consult them, your permission is not required at this stage
    4. We will take this to panel and present our schools, you can appeal after we have listed a school for your child

    Is the LA correct? Can you explain the law around the right to name a parental preference and the consultation process, as found in sections 33 and 39 CFA 2014, and from section 9.78 – 9.84 SEND COP?

    SEND Kids
    Support SEND Kids

    23 Feb 2023

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  • Please explain public task as lawfulness for data processing in context of EHCPs that a ) LAs and b) Schools rely upon? I believe the public task ...

    ... of the LA is to have processes in place for dealing with EHCPs i.e. NHS commissioning agreements, assessment processes etc. But PUBLIC TASK does not mean that sensitive specific individual data can openly/ without parental or child consent be processed with whom the LA deems appropriate ie. school consultations or third parties.This would need to be agreed. PUBLIC TASK in terms of EHCP/SENDIST means that processes are in place.

    LAs quote public task as lawfulness to share and obtain your individual data with third parties without your knowledge in EHCPNA and SENDIST. I don't agree and no one can explain this to me in simple SENDIST/ Education terms. Please can some one explain this as I believe LAs and schools are misquoting to obtain and share data strategically in sendist to blindsight parents

    MM AP

    06 Feb 2023

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  • Hi, are my LA allowed to remove provision from a previous EHCP when they produce a new draft without any assessments having been done? If not, please ...

    ... can you tell me what the law says about this?

    N Smith

    09 Feb 2023

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