Does anyone have experience of an EHCP providing extra tutoring outside school?

My son is in yr 8 and autistic. He is not fulfilling his potential at school, but does attend a mainstream school. He could really benefit from some extra one to one tutoring. Is this something an EHCP can facilitate?

Helen Barff

Helen Barff
02 Jul 2023

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  • 07 Jul 2023
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    Can't answer yes or no.:

    Certainly, I have encountered numerous situations involving children, both with and without an Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCp), where the parents have funded a specialist Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) teacher outside of school and this has proven to be most effective. I can envision scenarios where an EHCp might necessitate the Local Authority (LA) funding such an arrangement outside of regular school hours. However, it is important to note that this is contingent upon various factors and may not be a straightforward process. The following from the Noddy Guide provides more details in his regard:

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    08.13 Is there a particular rule about when a child requires out of hours SEP? 

    The allocation of 1:1 specialist teaching within a mainstream school is not uncommon, and I have successfully secured such arrangements in an EHCp  on numerous occasions.

    I would like to reiterate the importance of prioritising the acquisition of an EHCp for your son, should it indeed be deemed necessary in his case. To guide you through this process, I highly recommend referring to the EHCp Road Map, which provides excellent guidance. You can access this valuable resource via the following link: 


    Sean Kennedy

    Sean Kennedy
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