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  • Can my child be placed enrol if Sections B&F are still outstanding but I is agreed?

    Appeal against B, F & I. The LA have conceded on I. Placement is a non s41 school which my son started last week. The LA have updated their position to tribunal & placement is agreed in the working document. We are not yet agreed on B & F but the outstanding issues aren’t going to result in huge changes to provision however the school have now informed me that until the plan is finalised he can’t be placed enrol, so can’t attend full time and his place is at risk as he can’t be in transition for this length of time. With the appeal date so far away surely I can’t be forced to agree B & F or lose the school ?

    M H

    09 Nov 2023

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  • Still waiting for EHCP, son not coping in state school

    We started the EHCP process in Feb 23, and we still haven't seen a draft plan. There's been huge breaks between specialist appointments but we've finally spoken to the educational psychologist. We're nearly at 30 weeks since this process started.

    My contact at the council isn't responding to me.

    Can anyone advise who I should be contacting within a council to get an update.

    My son has just started a mainstream school and has become violent and isn't receiving much support as we don't have this plan.

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  • Further support

    My child started secondary school, he has a link teacher to help in his individual classes however he repeats they are often not there all the time in his lessons. If he is at lessons with no link support teacher he often has to sit at the back doesn't really understand what is happening. I'm new to secondary school system should a support teacher he there at all lessons because when they aren't he is isolated at the back not knowing what he is doing?

    M Y

    12 Oct 2023

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  • Can the LA impose their own policy on consulting schools?

    We have a "transition review" coming up (child in year 6) and also a contents tribunal a few weeks after that. Perhaps because of the latter, the LA are being particularly hostile and obstructive towards us.

    We want them to consult with a non-section 41 school which we belive meets our child's needs. The school has indicated they'd be happy to receive evidence from us e.g. Tribunal Working Document, reports from experts (e.g. OT and EdPsych) which give a fuller picture than the current EHCP, but they want the LA to consult.

    We have good reason to think they will object and try to obstruct on various grounds (which they've used recently with others)

    - Refusing to consult one school before consulting others (Catch 22 for us as it's non Section 41 and we need to know whether they'll offer a place before we can name it)

    - They have an internal policy that they insist on naming at least two or three schools and that one of these must be mainstream. This to me sounds like a blanket policy they've imposed locally and not law. Can I challenge it?

    - Can they refuse to disclose accurate information to any other schools they consult (e.g. their own schools), if we disclose that they share it - e.g. working document, expert reports etc.?

    thank you


    O J

    26 Sep 2023

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  • Can we appeal for transport to specialist school if we've said we'll organise it?

    D14, autistic, SPD has been given a placement at an independent specialist. Nearest mainstream said they could still meet need (though they have to say that, right?) so we've had to agree to transport my daughter. Daughter lives with dad (my ex) and he now says he can't transport every day (he's a lecturer and his work can't put all his lectures during her school hours). I'm 90 minutes away and disabled. The EHCP is still in draft as moved from one LA to current after draft received and EHCP is vague and missing huge amount of necessary detail. Annual Review to be held 6 weeks into first term to transfer ECHP into new LA's format etc. Main issue for my daughter is environment so mainstream could meet academic need but she'd not be able to attend as she needs a small, quite setting. Is there any point trying to appeal this? Do I wait until the Annual Review and hope the EHCP is more detailed and therefore it's easier to prove that the mainstream can't meet need? Very frustrated that I've worked for a year to get her an EHCP and a suitable placement for her to risk losing it!

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  • Should an LA go out for consultation to schools to see if they can meet a need with a draft EHCP which has not been agreed by parents and excludes much of the expert evidence?

    We are applying for an EOTAS package for my autistic daughter who is in burnout and cannot access school. We have an EP report, specialist OT report and CAMHS letter to confirm that EOTAS is the most suitable education for her and we have carefully put together a detailed (and reasonable) package mapped against the needs, outcomes and provision detailed in the expert reports. The draft EHCP we were sent in response to this excluded a lot of the evidence from the expert reports which indicated EOTAS and that specialist support was needed and then sent this draft to panel and out to consultation to schools before we had returned our comments (on time within the 15 days) which highlighted the evidence which was missing. Is this right, as any consultation will be based on inaccurate information/plan? The LA are consulting schools as they need to be satisfied that educating her in a school is inappropriate - even though all the expert evidence clearly shows this?
    Also we are being told that we cannot include any details in the EHCP about the skills and attributes the person providing the provision must have e.g. trauma informed, SEMH experience. Is this correct?
    Any advice would be very much appreciated.

    L B

    27 Aug 2023

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  • What is classed as a 'specialist setting' ?

    In my sons ehcp in section f it states he 'will receive access to the support allocated by his specialist setting' . What is a specialist setting ? Do 'resourced provision for children with autistic spectrum disorder' (unit attached to mainstream) count as a 'specialist setting'. Thank you

    A J

    26 Jun 2023

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  • Does anyone have experience of an EHCP providing extra tutoring outside school?

    My son is in yr 8 and autistic. He is not fulfilling his potential at school, but does attend a mainstream school. He could really benefit from some extra one to one tutoring. Is this something an EHCP can facilitate?

    Helen Barff

    02 Jul 2023

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  • Can class sizes be specified in Section F (provision)

    Can a maximum class size and adult : child ratio be specified in an EHCP Section F?

    We have a clear professional (EdPsych) recommendation on this and I would assume it's a clear YES because it's specific and quantifiable.

    The LA claim they can't put this in an EHCP because if the school were forced to accept another pupil (as can happen) it would mean they weren't meeting EHCP and my child would have to leave. I think this is untrue and designed to scare/threaten because the school they want to name has increasing class sizes. Is there any case law or reference in legislation?

    O J

    07 Jul 2023

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  • Can a LA ignore school reports on Annual Reviews

    LA does not acknowledge our schools report as it states he needs residential schooling

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