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  • Phase transfer - negative consultation mainstream

    Our preferred mainstream has responded to say unsuitable due to aptitude, ability. The reasons they have provided are nothing that can’t be overcome and would be applicable to the school the LA have named too although their school responded to say “may” be able to meet need. What I’m struggling to understand looking at sections 33 & 39 is how parental preference & mainstream school being made suitable doesn’t support our choice for a particular mainstream.

    ER H

    28 Feb 2024

  • Can council name an out of area mainstream school instead of a local school if both can meet need?

    We visited a large number of local mainstream schools (including some suggested by SEN case worker) but didn't think any of them could meet the needs in the EHCP. Therefore we named a specialist school, and an out of area mainstream more experienced in supporting children with similar needs to our daughter. The LA consulted with an additional 4 schools which we / SEN case worker did not consider. We had been clear to our SEN Caseworker that our preference was for a mainstream school if they could meet all of the needs in the EHCP, but that we had not found one locally.

    LA named the out of area mainstream due to 'parental preference', and are therefore saying they won't provide transport as they could have named a local school.

    What are the scenarios where LA can name a school that was not listed in parental preference? Can LA account for broader information by provided by the parents, not just the actual listed schools?

  • Year 10 options

    My son is in year 9 at a mainstream secondary school, however is in a special unit there which they say is a school in between a special school and mainstream. My son is autistic and has speech and language delay. We have been told that for year 10 his options will be level 1 maths and English. I have looked at another school in the area that teaches autistic children and they are offered so much more such as lots of vocational programmes along side there maths and English. Do you think I would be best trying to move him to somewhere that could accommodate him to do that? Would I have a fight on my hands to get the local authority to agree to move him? I am just so worried that he is not being offered more options and the school system is failing him again. Has anyone any positive stories of what their child went on to do?
    Thank you in advance

  • Parents asked recently, should children with ADHD, Autism or other challenges be in mainstream school (rather than special school)?
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    06 Apr 2023

  • Can a local authority name a school in section I if the plan is for the child to be educated through 15 hours of online learning, which the LA advise the school must source

    My child is in year 9 and has been out of school for 18 months and now been assessed for EHCP. Ed Psyc report states mainstream school cannot meet her needs and she should be educated at home with at least 15 hours online learning a week. The LA plan is that she should remain on the role of her current school and that school should outsouce the online learning (through top up funding) which will be accessed at home. It is not envisaged that she will actually attend the school at all. Isn't this really EOTAS? Thanks

    S B
    SEN Parent

    22 Mar 2023