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  • Year 10 options

    My son is in year 9 at a mainstream secondary school, however is in a special unit there which they say is a school in between a special school and mainstream. My son is autistic and has speech and language delay. We have been told that for year 10 his options will be level 1 maths and English. I have looked at another school in the area that teaches autistic children and they are offered so much more such as lots of vocational programmes along side there maths and English. Do you think I would be best trying to move him to somewhere that could accommodate him to do that? Would I have a fight on my hands to get the local authority to agree to move him? I am just so worried that he is not being offered more options and the school system is failing him again. Has anyone any positive stories of what their child went on to do?
    Thank you in advance

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    07 Apr 2021

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    Liz Chappell
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    01 Mar 2022

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  • KEEN London runs free supported sports, games and activity sessions for children with additional needs in London. In response to demand from older ...

    ... beneficiaries (wanting to get involved in volunteering themselves) we are developing a new apprenticeship programme to support young people (16+) with additional needs to gain skills and experience to support their next steps after secondary school. We would really welcome some thoughts in this short anonymous survey. The survey link is here, any questions please get in touch - thank you

    Kirstie Hayward
    KEEN London

    07 Dec 2021

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    05 Apr 2021