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  • Does anyone know how much detail should be included in EHCP Section A? (I am requesting an EHC needs assessment and the local authority has asked us ...

    ... to complete Section A before they take it any further. I don't know if they want a full history, he is a teenager, or if we should focus on the immediate problems.)

    May 230
    SEN family

    23 May 2022

  • Can an EHCP assessment start before my child starts school?
    Liz Chappell
    Support SEND Kids

    01 Mar 2022

  • Have you been turned down by your LA for an EHC needs assessment (first stage of the EHCP process)? If so, what reason were you given and did you ...

    ... appeal it?

    Rachel Amos
    Support SEND Kids

    18 Aug 2021

  • Can I ask for a meeting with the SENDCo? 
    SEND Kids
    Support SEND Kids

    31 Aug 2021