Does anyone know how much detail should be included in EHCP Section A? (I am requesting an EHC needs assessment and the local authority has asked us to complete Section A before they take it any further. I don't know if they want a full history, he is a teenager, or if we should focus on the immediate problems.)


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23 May 2022
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  • 09 Jun 2022
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    One aim of the Support SEND Kids charity is to share 'real-life' EHCP documents to help surface 'best practice'. For parents starting on their EHCP journey it can help to see a completed document to get an idea of the depth and scope of what is covered. While all children are different and have individual needs, seeing how specific to be about provisions: who? what? when? for how long? how often? with what outcomes? can be a great help. View the contributions, made by our members, to Section A to see what level of detail has been included.


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