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  • I am due at Tribunal next week over 1:1. The LA have not engaged at all - no witnesses submitted and zero progress on the working document. The court ...

    ... has ordered the LA to submit this by midday tomorrow. Can I ask for them to be struck out?

    L C
    Parent of a beautiful autistic and ADHD girl

    16 Sep 2021

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  • We have just received the draft EHCP which gives the primary diagnosis as SPLD - but my stepson doesn’t have dyslexia - he has ASD ( private ...

    ... diagnosis that is referred to in report) and global learning delay ( private diagnosis not referred to in report) - can we query this?

  • Can you pass on any advice to parents who are attending Tribunal to make it less stressful and help them be prepared?
    Rachel Amos
    Support SEND Kids

    11 Oct 2021

  • Can you recommend any books for me to read to learn about SEND?
    Rachel Amos
    Support SEND Kids

    12 Nov 2021

  • Where can I find practical advice on how to navigate the EHCP process without legal support?
    Catie Sheret

    14 Nov 2021

  • Would you like to find articles by and about Support SEND Kids that can be shared by members?
    SEND Kids
    Support SEND Kids

    25 Oct 2021

  • We were issued an EHCP over the summer for my 7 yr old daughter which left out SALT and OT input, even though we supplied very detailed private ...

    ... assessments in both these areas - these are the two largest areas of need. The LA told us they would update the EHCP when the NHS OT/SALT had seen our daughter. As the time was running out for mediation or appeal to be triggered and we still had an EHCP that was not fit for purpose, we initiated mediation. Mediation is now December, the OT and SALT reports have just been done. Yesterday, through the mediator, the LA sent the NHS OT and SALT reports with a word version of the current EHCP, and asked us to mark up what changes we want. Are parents really expected to write the EHCP's with no qualifications, having no idea of what a good EHCP should look like? I'd like to know what should happen in the process, and what's the most practical thing for us to do now - if the best shot at getting what we need is to go back and pay a private EP to review and make changes, then I'll have to take it, but seems unbelievably unfair. Doubt they will do it in time of our December mediation date, in which case we will have to move the mediation date. Any advice would be really appreciated! Thank you.

    Rob .

    26 Nov 2021

  • Is it easy to get an assessment for autism?
    Rachel Amos
    Support SEND Kids

    19 Oct 2021